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Kendra's Vintage Petit Lenormand MINI

A vintage MINI Petit Lenormand deck with an unusual twist




Kendra's Vintage Petit Lenormand MINI

A MINI vintage Lenormand deck with several alternate cards. The cards measure 1.75 x 2.5 inches in size.

It is meant to be assembled to one's taste, selecting cards 1 through 36 or 37. The deck is somewhat of a build-your-own deck. However, not all the numbers in a Lenormand deck have more than one option. There are eighteen alternate cards in this deck! Make sure to make your selections before using the deck!

This deck comes with a small instruction booklet.

Second edition.

The STANDARD size version of this deck can be found here.

Notice: This size deck comes in a poker size tuck box! TGC does not offer mini-size tuck boxes. Because of the way TGC prints the cards, they do not arrive in numerical order.

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Publish Date November 21, 2014
Edition Second
Department Games
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More Info Kendra's Vintage Petit Lenormand MINI web site

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  • MINI Petit Lenormand
  • Lots of alternate cards
  • Vintage images

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