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A deck of cards for the social drinking game Kings. The cards have the rules on them. Never forget the rules of Kings again.

This is the version of Kings:

2 - Two You - You pick someone to drink

3 - Three Me - You Drink

4 - Four Floor - Last person to touch the floor drinks

5 - Five Guys - Males Drink

6 - Six Chicks - Females Drink

7 - Seven Heaven - Last person to point up drinks

8 - Eight Date - You pick a person that will drink whenever you drink. Start the relationship off with a drink

9 - Nine Rhyme - Rhyme around the room going clockwise. You start the rhyming off. First person to mess up drink

10 - Ten Categories - You pick a category. Go clockwise around the room saying things that fit. First person to mess up drinks

J - Never Have I Ever - Play a three finger hand of Never Have I Ever

Q - Queen Questions - Start by asking someone a question. They must ask someone else a question and so on. First person to mess up drinks

K - Make a Rule - Make a rule. Rulebreakers must drink

A - Waterfall - Everyone starts drinking. You can stop when the person to your right stops starting with the whomever drew this card


Poker DeckPoker Deck (1 deck of 52 cards)



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DesignerKris Brower
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Publish DateJuly 17, 2009
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