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lipu musi - Toki Pona Playing Cards

A deck of 72 cards based on the conlang Toki Pona





lipu musi (literally "entertainment paper") is a set of 72 cards, all based on the conlang Toki Pona. The images on the cards are a writing system for the language known as "Sitelen Pona". These cards can be used to play any existing 52-card game (i.e. Poker, Rummy, Blackjack, War), but can also be used for a variety of new toki pona games! It is my goal that people can use these cards as a creative outlet to invent their own card games.


These cards can be used to play any existing card game that uses a 52-card deck. I suggest removing all symbol cards, except for the highest one, when doing so, although any ordering can work. The order/corresponding cards could then be as follows:

  • Ace | wan

  • 2 | tu

  • 3 | tu wan

  • 4 | tu tu

  • 5 | luka

  • 6 | pipi (bug)

  • 7 | kala (fish)

  • 8 | akesi (reptile)

  • 9 | waso (bird)

  • 10 | soweli (mammal)

  • J | kijetesantakalu (racoon)

  • Q | wawa (strong)

  • K | ala

Attached is a Google Document containing a list of game rules specifically made for these cards, entirely written in Toki Pona. musi pi lipu musi

What is Toki Pona?

Created by linguist Sonja Lang, Toki Pona is a philosophical artistic conlang known for its small vocabulary, simplicity, and ease of acquisition. see


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Publish Date July 29, 2022
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Why buy this?

  • Can be used to play any existing 52-card game!
  • Can be used to play a variety of community-created games!
  • All cards include valid Sitelen Pona writing.


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