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Love Poems by RUMI - CARD DECK logo

Love Poems by RUMI - CARD DECK

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This beautifully designed tarot-sized Card Deck consists of 80 lovely cards - each card with a delightful, uplifting LOVE poem by RUMI, including a matching tuck box.

Use this inspiring card deck to pamper yourself with a daily dose of an affirmative love poem which carries you through the day.

By reading this enlightening love poems you are surrounded with loving energy and you might be able to find the Beloved within you and finally the glory of your own soul.

Exceptional gift for yourself, your Lover, loved ones and friends.

Rumi was a 13th-century Persian poet, jurist, theologian, and Sufi mystic. He has been greatly appreciated for his spiritual legacy in the past seven centuries

His poems have been widely translated into many of the world's languages and transposed into various formats. In 2007, he was described as the "most popular poet in America."

Rumi stands for Love and ecstatic flight into the infinite. Rumi is one of the great spiritual masters and poetical geniuses of mankind.

He believed passionately in the use of music, poetry and dance as a path for reaching God.
If there is any general idea underlying Rumi's poetry, it is the absolute love of God.

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Publish Date September 16, 2012
Edition English
Department Tarot and Oracles
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Why buy this?

  • Inspiring, uplifting love poems by RUMI
  • for your everyday meditation and inspiration
  • perfect gift for your loved once, friends & family

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