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Chaos has broken out at the campsite! "Fling" Mallows at Critters to Tame them and earn points!




Chaos has broken out at the campsite! Critters have crashed the s'mores party and they are just the cutest! Roll dice to "fling" Mallows at Critters trying to match what types of Mallows they may like at the right time of day and Tame them! Earn points if it is a Mallow the Critter happens to Love or Like!

How It works!

Setup a critter market!


Mallow Mayhem plays over 5 rounds! Every round will be either Day or Night depending on the roll at the begining of the round.

Each turn players will play all their Mallows from their hand.

How To Play A Turn:

Play a Mallow from your hand to "fling" it at a critter.

After the Mallow is played, Roll the dice to see which space in the Critter Market it lands on. Depending on what it lands on, you could either Tame the critter or Shoo it away.

Keep going until you are out of Mallows!

Play passes to the left and the Critter Market is filled back up!



At the end of the game, add up all the "love" points from your Love Pile, "like" points from your Like Pile and subtract "like" points from anything in your Shoo Pile.

The Player with the most points wins!

*Adorable Crochet Mallows In Action Shot Not Included


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Publish Date December 18, 2022
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Why buy this?

  • A game of chaotic fun, luck, and a little bit of strategy!
  • The cutest critters and mallows!
  • A bit of education about critters and when they are active!


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