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Marco Benedetti Tarot - Visconti Homage Edition

Marco Benedetti Tarot - Visconti Homage Edition

I painted this tarot deck more than twenty years ago, mainly inspired by the so-called 15th century Visconti deck. My original deck was painted in tempera with gold leaf backgrounds on thick paper 82 x 170 mm. and it is still the deck I use today; you could see the originals on my website. Because of the gold leaf backgrounds, the deck was almost impossible to print so, to requests on the net, few years ago I made a "printer friendly" version with white backgrounds and some minor changes, available at:

The original Visconti deck has no Devil and Tower cards; in addition, 6 trumps, including Star, Moon, Sun and World, were painted by a second artist about 20 years later; these 4 cards use symbols quite different from the established standard. So in the previous version I used the Tarot de Marseille symbols for these 4 cards, as well as for Devil and Tower.

Again, at the request of the net, I made a new version more faithful to Visconti's original deck, with new images for the 4 named cards, while Devil and Tower are inspired by the oldest existing Italian cards.


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Why buy this?

He believes that any symbolism should be implicit in the overall design, so he made his drawings simple and ambiguous to keep the viewer’s imagination from being imprisoned by specific images.

  • It is NOT another clone of the RWS.
  • Pip cards are actually pip cards: NO scenes.
  • Extremely good for meditation and reading with TdM method.




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Publish Date March 23, 2019
Edition First
Department Tarot and Oracles
Genre Historic
Theme Art
Setting Modern / Present
Audience Diviners
Primary Mechanic Deduction
More Info Marco Benedetti Tarot - Visconti Homage Edition web site


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