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Great Game for Adults with Dementia to Kids with Autism

MARTZI - Adapted Dice Games

This game is a great tool to encourage cognitive skills needed to identify numbers, matching, counting, adding, and strategy.

The goal of every game is to encourage another person to do everything on his/her own with only minor cueing (guidance)

Set up the environment with items for each of you: paper, pencil, cup and dice

Always explain the rules in a simple way and then focus on providing just the number of steps the person can easily follow

Don’t make it too simple for those that can handle more complex directions.


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Why buy this?

  • Large Dice for Dexterity Challenges
  • Encourage Cognitive Skill Development by Identifying Numbers
  • Instructions for Adaptations for Special Needs Included




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Publish Date October 16, 2018
Edition First
Department Dice Games
Genre Abstract
Theme Therapy
Audience Family
Primary Mechanic Dice Rolling
If You Like Yahtzee
More Info Martzi web site

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  • This game does not come in a box.


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