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Mighty Magpie

Improbable Island, the Card Game!
YOU are...

...a contestant on a twenty-four hour, seven day a week, three hundred sixty-five day a year reality show. (Wait, a what?) The goal? Arm yourself, train yourself, and prepare yourself to do combat with, and, one would hope, defeat, the Mighty Magpie.

“The Mighty Magpie? But aren’t we here to fig-”


THIS is the deck, the card game, the showcase for Island artists, that has been two years in the making.

• Five suits (Clubs, Spades, Hearts, Diamonds, Stars) with an extra Improbable card for each suit
• The Stranger, and The Dancer

It is fan-art at its finest, a miniature art gallery of delights. Each card has been lovingly illustrated with a scene from Improbable Island, by one of nineteen different Island artists.
• If you're buying this for the game, the art is a bonus.
• If you're buying it for the art, then the game's a bonus.
Either way, you get a bonus!

First, you Hunt for Trouble. Each player gets five cards and a chance to discard and draw new ones. Whoever has the best hand (poker rules) fights a monster, and with luck, goes up one or two levels.

The first player to reach level 15 fights the Mighty Magpie. Kill the Magpie, and you win the game!

Stars are monsters. You fight them.
Clubs are weapons. They improve your attack.
Spades are armour. They improve your defense.
Hearts are health. They help you not die.
Diamonds are treasure. Keep them, or pay them to buy more draws from the draw deck.

~ ♠ ~ ♣ ~ ♦ ~ ♥ ~ ★ ~

This is the Mighty Magpie deck.

There are two other Island card decks, and also a Collector Set of all three decks. See the Related Games, below! The other two are:

* Entropy Enhancer -- The keepsake deck you can play regular card games with, and

* Trains! -- the strange deck reproducing the stained, battered cards you used to find in the Trains feature.

All profits go directly to support Improbable Island.

~ ♠ ~ ♣ ~ ♦ ~ ♥ ~ ★ ~

If you haven't seen Improbable Island -- the original indy text browser game that gave rise to these decks -- check it out!

Honestly, it's not for everyone. If you do have the quirky sense of humour to like that sort of thing, you'll find a rich source of amusement, a place to roleplay in a post-EMP future where anything can happen, and perhaps some really excellent friendships.

It can't hurt to look, right?

Welcome to Improbable Island []


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Why buy this?

  • Carry the Island in your pocket! Show it to your friends!
  • The Stranger is danger, the Dancer is wild!
  • A tribute to the Island - from players, for players!




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Publish Date November 18, 2015
Edition First
Department Card Games
Genre Sci-Fi
Theme Monsters
Setting Alternate Future
Primary Mechanic Hand Management
If You Like Munchkin
More Info Mighty Magpie web site

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