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Mixed Drinks Drinking Cards Game





Mixed Drinks : The Drinking Card Game. For 21+ consumers only. Beer, wine and whiskey are the only featured types of alcohol, so why is it called mixed drinks? Sally, the wet-behind-the-ears cocktail waitress, can't keep the orders straight. Any of these types of alcohol may end up on any given card, in either a shot glass, a wine glass, or a pitcher. The object is to guess the serving container, the type of alcohol and the serving size. Bet drinks on the card that will be next and deal damage to other players depending on how close you get. To win, earn the most empties (Empty Cards), either by having the highest tolerance, or the better foresight, but watch out for opponents' specials, because the path to drink master will be a fight for sure.


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Publish Date July 29, 2014
Edition First Edition / Standard
Department Games
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  • Hand out drinks like a drink god.
  • Make Rules to change the game. Never play the same way twice
  • Use specials to devastate other drinkers.


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