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Compete with your friends to build monorail lines.




Take turns piecing together a monorail line. Each player holds a secret hand of routes they need to complete to win. A light tile placement game for fans of Ticket to Ride and Tsuro. Gameplay appropriate for ages 5 and up.

Included in this package:
- 4 Station Tiles
- 9 Route Cards
- 44 Track Tiles
- 3 Instruction Reference Cards
- 9 Construction Cards for the Advanced Game

        - Board
            - Place a 5x5 or 6x6 grid of track tiles face-down.
            - Place the four station cards at the corners of the grid.
        - Players
            - 2 players
                - Each player draws three route cards into their hand and discards one face-down.
            - 3 players
                - Each player draws two route cards into their hand.
            - Players draw one track tile into their hand.
            - Players Roshambo for first turn and play continues clockwise.
    On Your Turn:
        - Take a face-down tile from the grid.
        - Play a face-up tile from your hand onto the empty space.
        - If you made a route shown on your route card, then flip that route card face-up and score one point.
        - If all tiles are face-up, whoever has the most points wins.
        Ties are broken by longest route.

Making Routes:
You have a super-fast bullet train that cannot make sharp turns or go in reverse. If you can trace a line from one station on your route card to the next without breaking those rules, then you have successfully made a route.

Rule Changes for Advanced Game:
    - A successful route is worth 2 points
    - On Your Turn:
        - You can instead play a Construction Card on a Track Tile:
            - Hub is a universal Track Tile
            - Workers is a 4 way blocker
            - Bulldozer lets you shift a row or column by one. (Discard after use)
            - Rotate lets you rotate one face-up Track Tile. (Discard after use)
            - Playing a Construction Card costs 1 point.


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Publish Date March 12, 2015
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Why buy this?

  • Lightweight and easy to learn
  • Portable
  • Fast set up


  • This game does not come in a box.


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