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Monster City Planners

Urban Planning and Miscreation




As the sun pierces the morning fog, the harbor fills with the low rumbling roar of monster contractors checking in for another day of miscreation. Your job as an urban planner is to strike a balance between serving diverse public interests, and managing ten-story tall monsters who are committed to leaving their mark on Monster City.

Monster City Planners is a deeply strategic game with drafting, dual use cards, and hidden goal selection. Players start each round by choosing their hand of cards through a draft. Each card has two uses: 1) a monster action that changes the city plan, and 2) a unique scoring criteria for earning points. But you can only use each card for one of its two purposes. After the draft, players take turns constructing and demolishing buildings until all players yield. They then score points based on the unused cards that remain in their hands, and how well those cards' scoring criteria are reflected in the final city plan.


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Publish Date November 14, 2013
Edition First
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Why buy this?

I love this game... great game, solid game, it does what I want for a micro game.

  • Fifty unique ways to earn points to win.
  • Hundreds of deep decisions in a 20min game.
  • Ten-story monsters crammed in a 3.5" box.

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