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Monster Master

A colossal battle of dubiousness and dice.
Equal parts luck, strategy, and mystery, Monster Master pits you and a set of polyhedral dice against your fellow table game opponents and all 52 monsters in the deck. Who will be the first to reach the 10 Monster points required to win?

Not counting the Monster Master, this game is meant for 2-5 players. All players will build their characters with particular strengths and weaknesses using a set amount of stat points, while the Monster Master decides in secret how to build each and every monster you get to face. Your goal is simply to master the most monsters by rolling against their (often unknown) categorical stats, or by battling other players for possession of their already tamed monsters.

Please note that play of this game requires (but does not include) a set of polyhedral dice, printed Player Sheets & Monster Master Sheets (downloadable for free at, 1 pencil per active player, and a pen for the Monster Master.

The 'Rules' document is downloadable from this page after purchase.


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Why buy this?

  • A Clue-like sense of mystery that keeps players engaged!
  • A handful of bonus ways to score!
  • Plenty of dice rolling!




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Publish Date March 31, 2015
Edition First
Department Board Games
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