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Monster Stomping: Heroes

A card game where you mashup crazy Monsters and build Superheroes to battle other players.




Monster Stomping: Heroes is a card game where you mashup crazy monsters and build epic heroes to battle for your city.

The theme is contemporary superheroes vs. mutant monsters, with a building phase that gradually becomes an attacking and defending phase. The goal is to place six city defense cards around your city for the win.

Players begin by choosing a monster body, and hero body and a city to defend. Then they are dealt five cards and play begins. On their turn players can place a monster power on a monster body, a hero power on a hero body, or a city defense card on a city card, and they can play one special card. When they have a few monster powers on their monster they can instead choose to attack another player's city. They can also take their turn to discard up to their whole hand and pick new cards.

Attacking another city is called "combat" and when that happens both the attacker and defender roll a die, then add the role to their either their monster score (for the attacker) or hero score (for the defender). Then both players can start throwing combat cards which modify the numerical results for either side making the fight go back-and-forth until one player comes out on top with the highest score. If the attacker wins they add the city defense card to their city. If the hero wins they get a bonus to their next defense. There are many combat cards and also special cards which add to the teeter-totter effect that keeps the game neck-and-neck to the end. The game ends when one player manages to place a 6th city defense card around their city, making it impregnable.


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Publish Date June 18, 2021
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Why buy this?

"...if you are a closet fan of Munchkin and want to protect your gamer cred, you certainly need to check out Monster Stomping: Heroes."

  • Use your monster to battle for another player's city!
  • Use your hero to defend your city. Fun combat ensues!
  • 138 cards means every game has a different twist.

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