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Mythical Menagerie

Match cards by colour and creature to score points, activate 5 different creature powers.





In Mythical Menagerie, collect matching card sets to score points, where each card may score for its colour and creature type, and each creature has a special power it may perform.

  • Easy to learn, quick to play.
  • Durable, small and portable.
  • Depth of strategy:
    • Curate your hand by drawing from the deck or discard piles
    • Be careful which cards you discard, because other players may pick them up.
    • Select which creatures to play based on their powers and the sets you are trying to build.


  • 50 Original Creature Cards
  • 4 Rules Cards
  • 1 Mint Tin (a durable metal box, 2.5 x 3.9 x 0.9 inches)

On This Page

How it Works

Your primary objective is scoring points by collecting sets of creatures. A set is 3, 4, or 5 cards of matching colour (e.g. White) or creature type (e.g. Rabbit). Each card may contribute to both a colour set and a creature set (e.g. White Rabbit scores for both the White and the Rabbit sets). See how this works:


Your Turn

You have a hand of cards and you play cards to the table to form sets. Your sets score at the end of the game.

On your turn, you draw 2 cards from any piles, play 1 card, then discard 1 card to your personal discard pile:


When you play a card to a set, you may optionally use the creature's special power. This is described further in Creature Powers below.

End Game & Scoring

The first time the deck runs out, shuffle all discards into a new deck, and then play until the deck runs out again. You then finish the round and everyone counts up their scores!

3 card set 1 point
4 card set 2 points
5 card set 3 points

Here is an example of a group of cards that takes advantage of each card's colour and type. This player scores 6 sets (Blue, Red, Purple, Rabbit, Qilin, Dragon), earning 6 points (3-card-sets are worth 1 point each).


How to Play Video

Creature Powers

  • Rabbit: draw another card.
  • Dragon: score +1 for a set of Dragons.
  • Qilin: play another card. You need to discard a card to use this power.
  • Fox: snags a matching colour card from another player.
  • Tortoise: protect yourself from foxes.

The Tortoise has an additional special power: you may play it out of turn if you have it in your hand when someone plays a matching Fox!



"The game kept me wanting to play it again and again." - James Gjaltema
"Combines vibrant visuals with straightforward yet engaging gameplay. Seamlessly merges charming hand-dawn illustrations with an intuitive matching mechanic while offering accessible strategies suitable for casual and seasoned players." - Adam Gurski


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Publish Date October 26, 2023
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Why buy this?

"Mythical Menagerie would probably be the best travel game in our collection... The highlights for me are the theming - it brings me joy and inspiration to see the different creatures!"

  • Easy to learn, quick to play.
  • Depth of strategy, with small interesting decisions
  • Activate card powers to curate your hand and sets.

Rob Seib @ Mindfruit

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