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Narratopia Print and Play

The conversational story game

Narratopia is a game with a storytelling dynamic, but it's not one of those games with lists of things you're supposed to tell stories about. When you play Narratopia you tell stories about anything you want, and you connect them together to build a story out of stories. If other storytelling games are like video games with quests and experience levels, Narratopia is like an open-ended sandbox game. Talk about cats! Talk about road trips! Talk about vampires! The sky's the limit - and it's your sky.

Note: This is the print and play version of Narratopia. For the printed version, see Narratopia [].

~ What do you I need to print the game? ~

- a color printer (ink-jet or laser; double-sided is better)
- about 25 pages of card stock
- about 60 pages of multipurpose (plain) paper
- something to cut paper with, like a paper cutter or scissors

~ What's in the downloads? ~

----> Narratopia Connection Cards.pdf
Connection cards (42 of them) that represent the ways people typically string stories together, like:

* I remember a ___ like that. Once...
* What you said about ___ reminds me of the time when...
* I made the same mistake once, when...

----> Narratopia Question Cards.pdf
Question cards (42 of these too) that represent questions people often ask about stories in conversation, like:

* What would have happened if ___ ?
* What did ___ know about ___?
* How do you think ___ would feel about ___?

----> Narratopia Tokens.pdf
----> Narratopia Token Mats.pdf
Tokens (30 each of five types) that represent the ways people give each other feedback during story sharing, like:

* you surprised me
* I was moved by what you said
* I learned from you

----> Narratopia Story Forms.pdf
----> Narratopia Game Forms.pdf
Story forms (180) and game forms (40) that help you remember the stories you told and the game you played. (You can download and print more if you need them.)

----> Narratopia Print and Play Instructions.pdf
----> Narratopia Instructions.pdf
----> Narratopia Box Labels.pdf

~ What do you mean, how people usually tell stories? ~

Narratopia is based on decades of published (and fascinating) research on conversational story sharing, how we:
* connect stories together
* negotiate telling rights
* play stories off against each other
* ask for and give feedback
* use stories to make sense of things

~ If we already do this naturally, what do we need Narratopia for? ~

We're out of practice. Today our story diet is so dominated by packaged, processed stories that we've forgotten how to enjoy our own home-grown stories. Narratopia is like a paleo diet for storytelling. You'd be amazed how much fun it can be to tell your own stories to people who know you exist.

Travel back in time and master the ancient art of conversational story sharing! Or just have some fun with your friends and family! (It's the same thing!)



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Cool Factors

  • Go on an epic journey while you build a web of stories.
  • Not just storytelling! Listen, ask, connect.
  • It's never the same game twice!


DesignerCynthia Kurtz
Average Rating (0)
Publish DateMay 12, 2017
Primary MechanicStorytelling
More InfoNarratopia Print and Play web site

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