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Reach enlightenment by finding, following, & completing your path in this dynamic board game!




To reach enlightenment you must find, follow, and complete your path, but you are not alone, there are others on this path. The path is not for the timid, if enlightenment were easy, everyone would attain it. It is ever changing, and there are perils to keep even the wisest from succeeding. Choose your actions carefully!

Ni-jū-san is a set-making and tile-laying card game where the play path is continually changing! Created by Jordan Kasper and illustrated by John Kelly.

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Publish Date August 24, 2020
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Department Games
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Why buy this?

  • An ever-changing path means no two games are quite the same!
  • Gorgeous artwork!
  • Easy to learn, easy to play, and very portable!


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