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Bring iconic operas to Europe (1800-1932)




Operaopoly's fun, interactive approach has players competing to bring the world's most beloved operas to life!  Players assume the role of wealthy Impresarios from the golden age of opera (c. 1800 - 1932);  managing opera companies; sponsoring operas from composers like Verdi, Wagner, and Bizet; and, performing their operas in iconic opera houses.  Win by creating lucrative composer contracts, casting the most talented singers, and booking the best venues.  Learn fun facts about your favorite operas via trivia questions.

Your goal is to sponsor the era's most talented composers, bring their operas to stage in the best venues, and to cast the most talented opera singers you can find.    For each of these actions, you'll score points whenever you're sponsored opera is performed.

  • Have you selected the most talented singers to "pack the house" or will another Impressario find and sponsor a better choice for your Opera house?
  • Will your composer's opera take the world by storm or will a competing opera be a step ahead, being booked at the choice venues?
  • Can you convince others to sponsor your composer's opera in new venues for a win-win scenario?

Operaopoly™ presents new concepts in card placement with multiple uses for the same cards. It provides players with plenty of options and several strategies for outsmarting opponents. View the video below to learn the basics and to better understand its unique mechanics. Each time you play, you'll see new approaches and strategies for winning. Regardless of your skill level or who wins, everyone shares fond memories from the golden age of opera - its composers, their operas, and the Opera houses of Europe where they first premiered.   Clever, Witty, and Whimsical - you'll be cheering "Bravo!" to your very last turn.


  • Operaopoly Deck (48 cards)
  • Opera House Deck (8 Cards)
  • Opera Playbill Poster Deck (8 Cards)
  • Opera Poster Card Stands (4)
  • Composer Cards (8 Composers)
  • 64 Trivia Questions (16 Cards)
  • Resource Tokens (24)
  • One Page Rules (Included with Free Download)
  • Game Box
  • Operaopoly Scoring Sheet (Free Download)
  • Opera Party Invitation Card and Envelope (Free Download)
  • Player Guide (Free Download)


Operaopoly™ is a wonderful party game for 2 to 4 players / couples / teams. It shares the art of Opera in fun and memorable ways.  By creatively weaving in trivia about composers, their operas, and the majestic places these operas premiered, players become familiar with a repertoire that peaks curiosity, enhances knowledge, and provides a new opera experience.  Our wish is for Operaopoly to be a much-anticipated event in your home - introducing Opera to a new generation, or perhaps, a whimsical warm-up party to an enjoyable evening at your local Opera house.


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Publish Date December 24, 2017
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Art is not an end in itself, but a means of addressing humanity.

  • Fun, fast-paced, with beautiful artwork.
  • Perfect gift for opera fans and music lovers.
  • Simultaneous, collaborative play brings operas to stage.


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