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Chakra Power Affirmation Deck

A 66 card deck of 22 chakras, affirmations and to guide and develop your spiritual journey




Welcome to Chakra Power! We work on our 7 chakras to balance ourselves, we clear the heart for unconditional love, our throat to able to speak and be heard clearly, our third eye to connect ourselves spirituality, but we have so many more! I remember someone asking me several years ago, if I worked the angelic chakras, which at the time confused me. So, I went on a journey through meditation to connect with my higher chakras and it made such a massive difference to my meditation practice! I've spoken on social media, how we need a deck to help us on our journey, but I couldn't find one which "spoke" to me. "Make one!" I was told, Yes, I answered... When I find time, I will! So, finally, I sat down and created this deck. My guides said it needed to be round, just like a chakra. It needed to be colorful, with affirmations and daily guidance. This is why I've created this deck for you, guided by spirit, you will be able to shuffle this 66-card deck and receive an affirmation each day which will attune to you or others around you, so you can easily go live on social media and give clear guidance and for your viewers too! My wish is that this deck will help ease stress, anxiety and give you your power back over your spinning chakras, to clear and balance them so once again you feel amazing!


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Publish Date January 02, 2023
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Why buy this?

  • Levels up your chakra spiritual journey!
  • Each card has a unique daily affirmation
  • Daily tips to help you to open the chakra


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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