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Stunningly beautiful angel oracle deck with a description, ray of light and corresponding crystal




Welcome to the Angelic Realms

I remember years ago, I wanted to take the plunge and treat myself to an angelic oracle deck. I was so excited! I wanted to pull a card and discover messages, intuitively from the angels, to learn more as I did. I had questions not only about myself but to lean in and see what ray of light they were operating on, what crystal did they connect with...

I got home, excitement rising. The sealed box, sitting on the table as I scurried to make a drink because I knew I would be sitting for hours, pouring over the images, symbols, any kind of sacred information...

The wrapping was peeled off and I dove in!

Each card held a pretty picture and a word or two...

No worries, I told myself there's a booklet, this will explain more. Opening the booklet, I went through, looking at the corresponding pages to the card I held, but it was vague at best. 

I was so disappointed!

I'm sure I'm not alone, I wanted punchy, no nonsense information, and what I had been given was something close to just "Happy Fluff"

I knew I had to find my information elsewhere. I knew there were angels out there that no one talked about, after all, how can we have realms of angels and only talk about Michael, Raphael, Uriel, and Gabriel? Why am I buying an angel deck to have masters and goddesses mixed in? When I want the angels! Powerful beings, that swoop in to help us like superheroes?

This is why I created Angelic Realms

After years of going live on Instagram and now Tiktok, I know there's nothing worse than pulling a card for someone and saying "Give me a moment, while I look up the meaning in the book!" You, your audience, your friend, neighbor, colleague have to wait for you, to find the page and read it out, all while you are juggling a book in one hand and a card in the other! 


- Each one has its own unique design
- Beautiful rainbow foil finish on the face of the card
- Has a 3D holographic element on the face of the card
- Has a UV coated finish to keep them clean and durable
- Easy to carry in a bag or pocketbook
- The angels' area of expertise, the ray of light, and corresponding crystal printed on the back of the card
- You cannot find the deck in physical stores
- 32 card deck





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Publish Date December 23, 2022
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Why buy this?

  • Holographic rainbow foil, giving the cards a 3D effect
  • Allowing you to give messages from the angelic realms
  • Deep knowledge on the back of each card


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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