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Polyhedral Potions

Use a set of polyhedral dice to craft potions and poisons in this dice drafting roll & write game!




Polyhedral Potions is a roll & write dice drafting game using a set of 7 polyhedral dice for 2-5 players, with a solo variant. Players will use the dice (Ingredients) to craft different types of Potions and Poisons in order to earn Stars and points for making Distillations and Fulminates.

NOTE: You must provide your own dice - See all about the Polyhedral Series below.


On your turn you’ll complete three steps:

  1. Draft Ingredients and mark them on the Ingredients chart on your score sheet.
  2. Combine the Ingredients to Craft a Potion and mark that on the Potion chart (if the Potion has already been marked you craft a Poison instead - mark a Poison Skull).
  3. Use the Potion (or Poison) as a Distillation or Fulminate. Mark the value in the appropriate box on the chosen track.


The game ends when someone earns their third Star. Finish the round. The person to the right of the first player will take the last turn. Then proceed to scoring. Your score is the sum of:

  • Points shown on the Distillations tracks.
  • Points shown on the Fulminates track.
  • Points earned for Poison Skulls: 2 points each.
  • Points earned for Stars: 10 points each.

Solo Variant The solo game plays in about 20 minutes and presents a challenge similar to playing a multiplayer game. Challenge yourself to earn the highest rank possible. Will you become a potion Wizard? There are also 19 Potion Brewing Feats you can try to accomplish!


Polyhedral Potions: Poison Pack is an expansion to Polyhedral Potions. This deck of 18 cards adds special poison triggered abilities.

UPDATE The latest version of Polyhedral Potions (12/29/2022) has two minor updates to the rules. The older version is compatible with these updates.

  • All players start the game with one Reroll ability (mark the ability in the reference area when used in the old edition).
  • Poisons may be used to repeat a value in a Distillations or Fulminates track.
  • A few cosmetic changes have also been added, including faint dice outlines in the Ingredients Shelf spaces, a place to mark the initial Reroll ability on player sheets, and clarification in the reference areas that the Reroll ability is for two Ingredients.

Learn How to Play Polyhedral Potions!



Polyhedral Potions is the first game in the Polyhedral Series of games created by GJJ Games. Several more games are forthcoming!


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Publish Date March 04, 2022
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Why buy this?

  • Roll & write with polyhedral dice!
  • Quick play, easy to learn, but lots of choices.
  • Player interaction for up to 5 players, or play solo!

GJJ Games - George Jaros

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  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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