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PonyWars - The Twilight Conflict

Pony Wars CCG is a brand new game focusing on all concepts of war with a pony theme.




Two great nations stand at the brink of all out war. Queen Solarflare of the Sunbound Kingdom readies her armies against Princess Midnight and the Lumahina Empire. Both believe the other has betrayed the peace during an attack at a diplomatic Conclave that saw the death of the previous King of the Sunbound Kingdom. Only the sudden appearance of an arcane barrier between the two delays the fighting; filling the Twilight Lands with magical mists, illusions, and monsters.

Pony Wars CCG is a brand new Collectible Card Game, made by Head creator Dratta Arcana and Co- Creator Scarlet Fury. The game is centered in a world at war between two countries, the Solar Empire and the Moonlit Empire.

The games focuses on all concepts of war with a pony theme. Concepts include things like consequences, diplomacy, stealth, Skirmishes, and Hero's.

Everything has a risk and yet doing nothing is also a risk, enjoy a card game where every action has intended consequences. A true pony war simulation card game. Or just collect the amazing cards for their art alone.


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Publish Date November 24, 2021
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More Info PonyWars - The Twilight Conflict web site

Why buy this?

  • Everything has a risk and yet doing nothing is also a risk
  • Concepts include consequences diplomacy, stealth, and heroes
  • World at war betweenthe Solar Empire and the onlit Empire.

Pony Wars CCG

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