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Post-apocalyptic Escapades

Take out Larry or his shroom operation. And don't get killed or anything.




Lunatic Larry has ate too many mushrooms and riled up the local cannibals and bikers. Stop him from distributing kiloliters of his cult's shroom tea to create an army of hallucinating marauders. One way or another.

Fight your way through strongmen, cannibals, and feral beasts as you survive the remains of a poisoned world as randomly generated maps and goals ensure no two games are the same.

Playtime ranges from 15 mins-2 hours, depending on if you're chased down and killed by the first enemy you encounter or if the task turns into a grueling enterprise. ~30 mins is average.

Includes the core game, rule sheet, quick start, glossaries, D10, and an exclusive print edition of 'The Night Time is the Right Time'. TGC printed Area Cards are UV coated for dry erase use. This means they are not listed as a deck but as a component.

Requires tokens and pen and paper to play.

Rated 17+ for drug use and adult situations.

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Publish Date November 01, 2022
Edition 1
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Why buy this?

  • Post-apocalyptic RPG and story generator.
  • Randomly generated map and goal.
  • A different story every time.

Jeremiah Donaldson

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