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Presence: Bite-sized wisdom for Global Leaders

A simple, fun, inspiring tool to get started immediately as a Global Leader

Presence: Bite-sized wisdom for Global Leaders

Goodwill in Every Interaction. That is our vision for humanity. Just imagine you and 7-plus billion people around the world practicing Goodwill in Every Interaction. It's awe-inspiring. Let's shatter expectations about what it means to be human in the 21st Century.

We started with a profound vision. We added a set of timeless leadership principles. And then turned it all into a universal game. The result is Presence: Bite-sized wisdom for Global Leaders.

Presence is a beautiful, 45-card deck that helps you develop a new mindset as a Global Leader. Our leadership principles are based on natural laws that define and protect personal liberties. Global Leaders synchronize right-brain and left-brain hemispheres and take leadership to a whole new level. Global Leaders naturally practice Goodwill in Every Interaction.

This vision and new style of leadership prepare you and everyone to re-imagine life and transform some of our most complex challenges.

  • Develop your potential
  • Develop self-governance
  • Improve gender balance
  • Increase innovation/employee engagement
  • Build self-organizing, self-adapting teams
  • Increase customer loyalty, and
  • Improve global interconnectedness/community sustainability.

The cards print 3.5" x 3.5" and include an instruction booklet in the tuckbox. The cards encapsulate our 10 principles of global leadership. A concept from our principles appears on the back of each card. Each concept is translated into 22 languages, which form the back border and showcase the world heritage of humanity. Text appears on the front of each card and includes a definition of the concept and key questions for reflection. The cards incorporate a Balinese color system―Pengider Bhuana―which balances nature, human beings, and the divine. Design: Michelle Manos Design (Carmel, CA). Translations: Language Connections (Boston),

Use the cards in contextual learning environments that allow you to practice global leadership in the moment. Play. Grow. Thrive. Be the movement.


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Why buy this?

"Love the [Presence cards] text so much. It is fresh and clear and chewy. Very very very nice."

  • Accelerate your path to success and personal fulfillment.
  • Operate "in the moment" and learn through real experiences.
  • Join a global movement for positive change.




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Publish Date August 29, 2019
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