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Pumpkin Eater

Take a chance and cheat! But don't get caught orange handed, or you'll be a Pumpkin Eater!

LAUNCHING OCTOBER 1ST, 2018!! Pumpkin Eater is a very fast paced and frenetic game designed for both veteran and new players alike. Combining elements of games such as Domino and "BS", this game allows players to release their inner deviants, as they lie, cheat and use heart breaking card effects to reduce their opponents to piles of pulp! We all know that cheater cheaters are also pumpkin eaters- but only if they're caught! Pumpkin Eater offers a risk/reward system that brings a lot of replayability. Can you read your friends, and call them out when they bluff? Or can you pull the wool over their eyes as you cheat your way to victory! Though rewarding, you must be careful: If you get caught cheating, you may just end up being a Pumpkin Eater and lose the game!

My ultimate goal with this game was to provide a game that is easy to play without much skill, but still rewards players who put in a lot of effort and thought while playing. There is a lot of luck in what cards are drawn, but I really do believe players can overcome this randomness with logic and planning.




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Publish Date September 26, 2018
Edition 3rd
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Why buy this?

  • Controlled cheating
  • High risk, even higher rewards
  • Very fast game times

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