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Quiz Sets

A fun way to practice and learn! Print your own questions and play against others.




Using your own Youth Bible Quiz questions, play against up to 4 other players or teams of players. This is a great alternative to setting up your quiz equipment and is a fun way to practice.


Be the first player or team to collect a set of Question cards. A set is either 3 cards of one Question type (e.g. General) or 1 card from each of the five Question types.

Set Up

Decide in advance the range of chapters covered by the questions. Use questions from a Book of Questions, the Quiz App, or provide each player with printed questions from Set Maker. 20 Questions from each category should be enough. Repeating questions is allowed!

Shuffle and place the Question *and *Cram Session cards face down on the game board in the designated spots.

Each player (or team) places their token on the Team Practice corner of their choice on the game board.

Choose who goes first. You can choose by age, hair length, quizzing average, or number of pets. Your choice.

Game Play

Each turn a player rolls both dice. If doubles are rolled, they draw a Cram Session card, read it aloud, and follow the card’s instructions. Lost cards are placed in the Discard pile and the Cram Session card is returned to the bottom of the deck. Otherwise, the player advances their token around the board clockwise the number of tiles indicated by the total of the dice.

There are two kinds of tiles on the board. See the “Game Board” section for specific instructions.

Once the player has completed their turn, play passes to the left.

Winning the Game

To win, a player becomes a “Quizzing Master” by collecting a set of Question cards. There are two types of sets that can win the game:

Question Specialist – Collect 3 cards of one type (e.g. General)

Question Generalist – Collect 1 card from each of the 5 types.

Landing on a Question Type tile

Draw the top card from the Questions deck to reveal the type of question to be asked. Another player reads a question of that type from their list or book of questions.

Correct Answer – If correct, the player takes the Question card and add it to their collection face-up in front of them for everyone to see. This will end their turn unless the type of question on the card matches the type of question on the game board where they landed (e.g. both the Question card and the player’s location on the board are “Context”). In this case, the player’s turn continues and they roll again.

Incorrect Answer – If incorrect, the Question card is discarded face-up in the Discard pile as indicated on the game board.

Landing on a Team Practice tile

The player will roll 1 die and then refer to the Team Practice chart on the board.

“Educated Guess” – The player takes the top card from the Discard pile. If there are no cards, then the question was appealed and they get nothing.

“Study Partner” – The player can take 1 card from another player.

“Know-It-All” – The player takes the top card from the Discard pile and one card from another player of their choice.


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  • It's a board game!
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  • Portable and easy to set up compared to quiz equipment!

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  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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