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Rainbow Cats

The colorful game of cute cats, deception, and strategic card placement for 1-7 players.





What's Rainbow Cats?

In Rainbow Cats, you'll be competing against other people to claim as much space in the house for your favorite cat's stuff while making sure your least favorite cat’s objects are nowhere to be seen. You'll keep your favorite and least favorite cat identities secret from everyone so you keep them guessing.

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Starting the game


Players will shuffle all cat item cards and place a 5 x 5 grid made of cat items along with the last played token shaped like a fish. They will also be assigned a grid goal card, showing point values for each spot on the board, ranging from 1 - 5 points. At the end of the game, players will get that many points for their favorite cat's items and they will lose points for their least favorite cat's items.

Players will then shuffle all cat identity cards and draw twice as many cat identity cards to draft as there are players. They will all choose their favorite cats secretly from this limited selection. So if there are 3 players, take 6 cat identity cards for players to draft. The person who loves cats the most will draft first. They will continue until every player has a favorite cat.

Then the remaining cats will be shuffled back with the all the other cat identity cards and players will draft from the remaining cards. They cannot draft the same cat card as their favorite cat unless they are the last player. That player has no least favorite cat and thus no negative points.

It’s important for players to keep their favorite and least favorite cats a secret from the other players.

If a player somehow draws the same cat for both their favorite and least favorite cats, that player will not have a least favorite cat.

Playing The Game

Players will draw 6 item cards into their hands and take turns placing items of different cats around the board while trying to keep their cat identities secret. When they place an item, they must also place the last played item token on top of the card. After they place an item, they'll replace the last played item in their hand with a card from their deck.

Players can only place item cards 2 more spaces from the last played item card.


As a reminder, at the end of the game the grid goal card shows players where they'll get the most points for their favorite cat's items and lose the most points for their least favorite cat's items. The only rule for where they can place items is that it has to be at least 2 spaces from the last played item.


The player with the highest points at the end of the game win. Items for your favorite cat gives you points and items for your least favorite cat takes away points.


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Publish Date June 18, 2019
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  • Cat art
  • Secret Identities
  • Strategy

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