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Rainbow Rabbits

Build rainbows together

NEW 2020 DESIGN available now.

Rainbow Rabbits is fast and fun 2-4 player card game. The concept is simple: build rainbows as a team and be the first to play all of your cards to win.

Kids love it. Adults love it. Kids love always winning against the adults. Adults don’t love that part as much, but they get determined to try and win at least once. We haven’t seen that happen yet, but anything is possible.


We were lucky enough to have 133 wonderful people back Kickstarter and test out our game to make sure that it was fun for everyone. This is the newest version of the game, incorporating all of their great feedback from our Kickstarter friends. We hope you like it.


~ Roy G. Biv (Just kidding! That’s ridiculous)




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Average Rating 1 reviews
Publish Date June 09, 2018
Edition Second
Department Card Games
Genre Abstract
Theme Animals
Audience Family
Primary Mechanic Pattern Matching
More Info Rainbow Rabbits web site

Why buy this?

his game is super adorable and my kids already love it! While we're giving this some time on the table, here are our first impressions of the game⁣ ⁣⁣⁣

  • Collaboration AND competition
  • Cute rabbits
  • Rainbows

Rainbow Rabbit Games

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