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Roads & Rails, Rivers & Trails

Build a network of roads, rails, rivers, and trails. Don't neglect any, or you'll regret it later!
Play your cards to build a shared network of roads and rails, rivers and trails. Block your opponents while scoring paths for yourself – but don't forget about any of your own paths, or you'll be caught short at the end!

From a single hex card as the starting point, each player plays a card from their hand onto the growing map, updates their score card if they've formed any transportation paths longer than during their previous turns, then draws to replace their tile. The game ends when one player forms a path of length 8 or draws the last card from the deck. Everyone then compares their score cards. The player whose *shortest* path is longer than the other players' shortest paths wins.


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Why buy this?

This game is very social with plenty of discussion and “take that” going on over the course of the game.

  • Quick to learn and play, but tactics you have to think about
  • Everyone creates a shared network of transportation routes
  • Extend the routes you need while blocking your opponents




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Publish Date February 23, 2013
Edition First
Department Board Games
Theme Transportation
Audience Casual Gamer
Primary Mechanic Map Building
If You Like Carcassonne
More Info Roads & Rails, Rivers & Trails web site

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