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Rock Paper Scissors BOMB!

RPS Based Trick Taking Game. Now with BOMBS!
Rock Paper Scissors Bomb! is the game that fans of Hearts and Spades always wanted but never knew existed! Why play with silly things like Hearts, Spades, Diamonds and Clubs when you can bash Rocks & Paper & Scissors against each other?

The Lead card played in a Trick will set the Trump suit. Rock breaks Scissors, Scissors cuts Paper and Paper covers Rock (I can't believe I had to tell you this, if you're still confused ask the nearest kid to show you).

Hold on to your pants while I tell you about the BOMB! It beats everything! BOOOOM!

If that's not enough, you can even Poison your friends! I mean, Poison their Tricks with poison cards... Don't actually Poison anyone, that's just rude. (Ok, Legal just asked me to tell you that we do not endorse poisoning anyone. Also, please do not throw rocks, stab with scissors or blow them up with bombs, either. Oh, and no paper cuts- they are the WORST.)


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Why buy this?

  • New spin on Trump-Based trick taking games.
  • Rocks, Paper, Scissors and BOMBS!
  • Did I say Poison! Holy cow, there's Poison in this game too!




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Publish Date April 26, 2017
Edition First
Department Card Games
Genre Humor
Theme Weird
Audience Family
Primary Mechanic Trick-taking
If You Like Hearts


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