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Rock, Paper, Scissors, Fire

It's all rock-paper-scissors till someone pulls the fire alarm.




Rochamb—oh no!

Each round, you’ll get a hand of cards, and your goal is to get rid of them as fast as you can. Some cards will be rocks, some will be paper, some will be scissors, and some might be… fire alarms?

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Fire is a card game of 4 parts strategy, 1 part chaos for 2–6 players.

How It Works

The player with the fewest points after 3 rounds wins.

Get Rid of Your Cards

You’ll get a new hand of cards each round. Most cards have a type (either rock, paper, or scissors) and a value (from 0–7).

Your goal each round is to get rid of all your cards as fast as you can. Do this by using them to beat what’s on top of the pile — essentially, a discard pile in the middle of the table.

Turns are Simple

On your turn, play a card from your hand onto the pile that beats (not ties) the card on top.

Have more than 1 copy of the same card? Play’em all at once!

Can’t beat the top of the pile? Draw cards until you can!

So What Beats What?

You can beat the pile in one of three ways.

Standard Rock/Paper/Scissors Rules

Here, the card’s value doesn’t matter.


A Higher-Value Card of the Same Type

It’s gotta be higher, ties don’t count.


Or Play a Fire Alarm

Fire alarms beat everything.


But Then, Fire Alarms!

Fire alarms are flashes of chaos followed by moments of strategy.

When someone plays a fire alarm, everyone takes a card at random from the player on their left, right, or both (as shown on the card).

The player who played the fire alarm then draws 2 cards from the deck to their hand, and then gives any 2 cards from their hand away. They can either give 2 cards to the same opponent, or 1 card each to 2 different opponents.

A well-timed fire alarm can change the course of a round.

Ending & Scoring the Round

The round ends once someone plays the last card from their hand. They score a perfect 0 for the round.

Everyone else adds up the values of the cards left in their hand to get their score for the round.

Get stuck with a fire alarm? Double your score for the round.

Get stuck with only fire alarms? Score 10 points per fire alarm.

Crown a Champion

The player with the fewest points after 3 rounds wins!


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  • Easy to learn, quick to set up, and simple to play.
  • No more hand cramps from playing rock-paper-scissors.
  • Take it with you in its stylish mint tin.


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