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Rocks and Docks

The game where rock-hopping is part of life!




Jump from rock to dock and back while building new friendships with the other players. Sometimes the jump — and the question — is easy, sometimes the jump is hard, but getting from start to finish is always an adventure!

This is a game that is intended for groups of people who want to have fun together, and learn a little bit more about themselves and others. The question topics are varied — living spaces, creative, feelings, social, beliefs, careers, health, and money — making for a different, exciting game every time.

Each round is filled with questions that will make you think — about people, situations, and life. Fast-moving and engaging, ROCKS & DOCKS is perfect for any get-together with friends old or new!

Everyone takes turns moving around the board by rolling dice. Every turn, the player chooses one of 144 cards from eight categories and answers the question, out loud to the rest of the group. The questions are designed to stimulate discussion and help people open up to each other. Upon answering the question, the player is awarded the point total on that card.

Once all players have made their way around the board, points are totalled, and the player with the most points wins.


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Publish Date October 16, 2014
Edition First
Department Self Improvement
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  • For professionals working in group therapy
  • Vetted through hours of gameplay with clients
  • Fun and engaging for many ages!


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