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Royal Execution® Starter Deck

Rule A Medieval Realm
Use your Royal Powers to vanquish opposing troops, imprison and execute rival royalty. Royal Execution® is a suspenseful, family-friendly medieval card game of strategy and intrigue.

WARNING: Treachery and Treason are afoot!

Your subjects may have troops, assassins, and stage peasant revolts ousting you from the Throne. Rival clergy may accuse you of heresy and imprison you - or worse - gather the right support to condemn you to death by execution.

Designed to authentically recreate the power struggles of the Middle Ages where Royal Families, Landed Nobility, and the Church competed for political, military, and religious power. Set up interesting plots and plays that quickly become shamelessly ruthless, viciously vengeful, hilariously melodramatic, and just plain fun!

Extensive play testing suggests ages 8 and up can play this theme-based game.

Players: 2 to 5

Playing Time: 20 Minutes

Below is a video of the initial 1970's version of the game ... you'll get an idea of game play from this:

Royal Execution™ Card Game - YouTube []"

Since then, several new plays and interesting enhancements have been added:

Medieval England Feudal Deck - Rule Medieval England controlling key cities and their trades as your power base for capturing the Thrones of Medieval England.
Medieval England Add-On Deck []

Deluxe Combined Starter and Medieval England Decks (big cost savings!)
Royal Execution ® Deluxe Set []

Medieval Combat Deck: Adds 30+ combat strategies - form plots and set up new combat plays.
Medieval Combat Add-On Deck []

Other Fun Game Play Options:

- Role Playing (Cleric, Monarch, Noble, Populist)
- Hereditary Peerage (Intriguing throne succession plots)
- Historical Scenario Play (Wars of the Roses, et. al.)
- Team Play with Alliances and Pledges
- Royal Player Membership to the Royal Execution® Game Forum - Access to new historical scenarios and the game development team.


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Why buy this?

  • Easy to learn and play for families and casual gamers
  • Facinating plays with game-changing turns and twists
  • Take on the roles of monarch, nobility, and clergy




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Publish Date July 23, 2011
Edition CK Series
Department Card Games
Genre Historic
Theme Empire Building
Setting Medieval
Audience Family
Primary Mechanic Strategy
More Info Royal Execution® Starter Deck web site


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