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Endangered Critters escape poachers in this solo/co-op puzzle RPG.





You play endangered critters on the run from poachers. Play cards on top of others, covering icons that represent the Critters, Food, Drinks, Tools, Accessories, and Time. Too much or too little of any of these spell doom for the critter! When all cards are played, the game ends. If the icons are equal, you all win!

Pub and Parks mode gives a casual puzzle game where you ignore numbers in the icons and have set goals to attain.

Marathon mode (Page 4) Gives 1 simple rule for a complex series of challenges. Mathy & hard!

Story mode (Page 8) Gives more gameplay and win condition variety each chapter, and utilizes the pictures on the cards! Try once you get the gist of marathon mode.


Once upon a time...

When the poachers vanished, the critters helped break each other out of their cages.

"This is our only chance! Let's go!" said Sage the little Serow.

"The trip will be long, we should bring food!" whispered Atlas the Snow Leopard.

Imogen the Helmeted Hornbill agreed, "And something to drink, huhu!"

Oakley the Rain Frog looked worried, "We need something to carry everything in!"

"And we can't be seen without looking good, can we darlings?" Parker the Pangolin said.

Briar the Stag Beetle, always on the look out, scurried in. "Hurry! Someone is coming!"

And so, the six critters packed up what they could carry and made their quick escape!


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Publish Date October 01, 2021
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Why buy this?

  • Rich story, over 50 chapters with unique puzzles!
  • Casual Parks and Pub mode for quick solo/co-op puzzler.
  • Deeply thinky game for fans of Sudoku.


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