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Scoundrels versus Murder Lizards

Tame the brutes and race to escape Dinosaur Territory before the other Scoundrels to WIN!




One by one the Scoundrels betrayed each other...

Typical! Now it’s every Scoundrel for himself as they race to tame the DINOSAURS! Escape with the tamed brutes and claim the bounty from National Western Enterprises before the other Scoundrels to win! But watch out for those teeth, horns, and stomping feet. They ain’t called murder lizards for nothing!

Up to four players can hunt to tame the beasts from Dinosaur Territory, a land just a bit west of the Mississippi River where—in the early 1800s—DINOSAURS began to appear!

With 12 terrain cards the game is always changing. Place the dinosaurs on their cards and move your Scoundrel across the Murderous landscape of Dinosaur Territory. Trap or Lasso the creatures to tame them. But if the beasts attack… turn tail and scamper back to your camp to try your luck next time!

The game includes…

  • 12 Terrain Cards
  • 4 Dinosaur Cards
  • 8 Dinosaurs
  • 4 Lassos
  • 4 Scoundrels Pieces
  • 1 Red 6-sided Dice
  • 1 Green 8-sided Dice
  • Instructions

The game also includes instructions for 2-4 players and instructions for a solo game for one player.

Learn more and Dinosaur Territory Adventures at!


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Publish Date August 31, 2020
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Why buy this?

  • Four types of dinosaurs with unique abilities!
  • Tame dinosaurs help you race across the terrain!
  • All original artwork from Dinosaur Territory Adventures!

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