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Settlers Deluxe Cards

Deluxe Card upgrades to one of the most popular board games





This is NOT a game.

You must buy a different game to be able to utilize these deluxe card upgrades and additional components. For copyright's sake I am NOT listing the name of that game anywhere in this description or on the box or anywhere in the design to avoid being accused of copyright violation, etc.

The word SETTLERS is a general word that describes a group of people voyaging to a new land and developing that land for their inhabitation and is NOT trademarked or copyrighted or by itself is the name of any game in particular.


The cards I designed and included in this box are technically compatible with ANY medieval or historical or even fantasy themed game that utilizes supply or material or resource type cards that include WOOD, SHEEP, MOLTEN ORE, LUMBER, and OR WHEAT.


Other cards I designed and included in this box are also technically compatible with ANY medieval or historical or even fantasy themed game that needs progress or research or development type cards like UNIVERSITY, LIBRARY, ALCHEMIST, KNIGHT etc.



I had originally designed these cards back in 2014 and first revealed them to the public on my Deviant Art profile a few years later. SINCE THEN I have constantly been bugged to just officially release them as GAME and PARTS upgrades and I believe The Game Crafter is FINALLY the best option to release these designs for public consumption. I have spent many long hours and many long nights perfecting the designs for these cards to appear extra swanky and luxurious. They have gone through many stages but finally I believe a recent revist of their designs this year have reached a conclusion.


I utilized A.I Art Assisted Generation ONLY for some of the illustrations for the KNIGHT, LIBRARY, MONOPOLY cards etc. because my personal art style has not reached the level I want FOR those cards and I no longer want to have "placeholder" art inside them like I had shown on my Deviant Art posts.

That having been said, THERE ARE NO COPYRIGHT VIOLATIONS with the designs and art shown here. I have either designed the card myself or generated and tweaked art made by A.I. generators that allow for commercial use of generated art and do NOT require listing or mentioning in any form for that use.


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Publish Date March 01, 2024
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Why buy this?

  • Replace cards to one of the oldest games in your collection
  • Progress instead of develop with cards from other expansions
  • Enjoy these deluxe, unique, carefully crafted card designs

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  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.
  • This game contains a premium upgrade where the printed components will be embossed with a linen texture.


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