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Slicin' Dice / Kali Cubes

Portable training dice for edge & impact Training!




This is the SECOND dice-release from Development Decks! We call it 'Kali Cubes' AKA 'Slicin' Dice'

The set contains 5 dice.

  • 3, D12's which are 12-sided dice. These are your angle counts. The majority of FMA practitioners seem to utilize a 12 angle count.

  • 2, D6's which are 6 sided dice with your movement instructions and/or modifying strikes

    Modifier Dice 1:
    - Switch Grips
    - 1 Plane Only (High/Medium/Low)
    - 2 Planes Only (High/Medium/Low)
    - 2-Strike Combo
    - Break/Assess/Re-Engage
    & One Side with the Development Decks® Logo
    Modifier Dice 2:
    - Switch Hands
    - 3-Strike Combo
    - Step Offline
    - Circle and Attack Posterior
    - All 3 Planes (High/Medium/Low)
    & One Side with the Development Decks® Logo
  • & a beautiful velvet bag to hold your new dice!

Our 'Development Decks' logo is intended as an 'insert your own exercise' and you can perform ANYTHING in that spot designation that your heart desires!

This release, although similar to our Stay Bladed Deck will aid in building your fluidity and randomness of your solo drill-work.

It was designed with the solo practitioner in mind but is perfectly suited for class structure as well!

  • Perfect for all practitioners from beginner through advanced ability!

  • Take it with you anywhere and push yourself to the NEXT LEVEL!

There's no more excuses!

Just set a timer, roll, & GO!

GET DECKED™ with products from Development Decks!


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Publish Date December 25, 2017
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Why buy this?

  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Unlimited Possibilities


  • This game does not come in a box.


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