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Stable Showdown

What is Stable Showdown you ask? It's an equestrian themed card game of skill, chance, and spite..




So pretty much real life.

In the world of Stable Showdown you want to fill your stalls with good horses, send the bad horses to the other stables (players), collect perks to make your facility worth more, and try to have the most blue ribbons at the end of the game. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Well you need to be careful what stalls you fill with what horses, as there are some you don’t want near each other or you will suffer the wrath of losing ribbons. There are also those wonderful cards that destroy your Perks, steal your grooms, and send your workers running for other employment.

NOW WITH BETTER TOKENS FOR THE RIBBONS! And with easier to identify cards!!

NOW WITH A PRINTABLE STABLE SHOWDOWN COLORING BOOK!! When you buy Stable Showdown the game you also get the ability to download and print the Stable Showdown Coloring Book!! If you are looking to save on ink make sure to tell it to only print pages 4-66.

Stable Showdown comes in a sturdy box to handle the abuse of being brought along to the stable, shows, or your friends place to play.

Stable Showdown brings all the fun and insanity of the horse world to your house, office, show, and more. Designed to be played with 2 or more players and for ages 13 and up.

The Rules

The last person to have fallen off their horse goes first. If no one has fallen off (really no one has fallen off, ever?!) then the person who purchased the game goes first. Play continues clockwise. For your first turn ONLY you will skip Step 1 as you will have no Blue Ribbons to count and ask for.

And It Begins!!

Step 1: Count the Blue Ribbons on all your cards both horses and perks that you have in play, not the ones that are in your hand, then subtract for any Negative cards in play you may have. Take that number of Blue Ribbon tokens. Don’t forget to take your ribbons! If you start playing cards without taking them, you get none! You do this at the start of your turn every time.

Step 2: You may play up to 3 cards each turn, including 1 discard. You do not need to discard a card unless you wish too. Unless the card states it only applies to you, you can play any card on any stable. Horses can only be played onto empty stalls, unless the card states otherwise. Now is the time to fix any problem cards that other stables have played on you.

Step 3: After you have played your cards then draw your hand back up to 7 cards. If you draw a Play Immediately card, play it immediately. Duh! Then draw another card.

That’s it! Sounds easy doesn’t it?

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Publish Date October 28, 2018
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Why buy this?

If you’re amused by snark, understand the seedy underside of the equestrian world, or are just immersed in all things equestrian, then this game is for you!

  • Made for horse lovers by a horse lover
  • Horse descriptions that are sure to make you laugh
  • Real life scenarios that all equestrians have dealt with

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