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Star Explorer

Adventure in the Final Frontier!




NOTE: All known errata has been fixed in the current version of the game.

“Captain, the planet-side team is reporting.”
Swiveling his command chair to face the main viewscreen, the Captain Spoke, “Pipe their transmission to the bridge, Mr. Weller.”
The communication officer’s response of, “Aye, sir” was nearly drowned out by a burst of static accompanying the start of the message from the survey teams on the planet which the StarShip was orbiting.
The screen cleared, showing Ensign Dee in standard military uniform marked with a survey commander patch. He had already started his report. “…val response on the life sensors, Captain. It does not fall into any of the standard classifications. We have also found what appear to be some artificial constructs. Request a Sentient Contact Team be transported planet-side.”
The viewscreen image was suddenly replaced by a starfield. Centered in the screen was an ominous shape well-known to the veteran crew of the StarShip. “Zangid Battleship clearing planet horizon.” announced Commander Weller. “She does not respond to standard transponder signals.”
All on the bridge crew knew what that meant. The Captain’s face was grim but his voice was calm as he spoke. “Screens up, Mr. Mahr and arm all weapons.”
“Mr. Dowd, take us out of orbit. We won’t have the room to fight that devil here.”
“Mr. Dee, I’m afraid you’ll have to make due with what you have at the moment. We’ll be back for you as soon as we’ve taken care of this little problem.
The Captain’s words were intended to be encouraging. He knew what lay ahead. The life of his crew, the fate of his ship, and the success of his mission all lay heavy on his shoulders. His was the responsibility. He would have to face it and prove that he was worthy to be a Star Explorer Captain!

Now you too can be a STAR EXPLORER!

This is a reprint; this game was originally published in 1982 by Fantasy Games Unlimited.

In this game of exploration and confrontation you play the role of the Captain of a StarShip of the Federation. You are on a mission to explore several new worlds.

On the way, your StarShip may encounter the hazards of space. You may be called upon to perform your secondary mission of keeping the StarLanes free from pirates. Although an uneasy truce exists with the Zangid Empire, each encounter with one of their vessels is potentially explosive.

Once you begin your voyage you must decide how your ship will be equipped. You must also choose your crew from the available manpower. You then set out on your exploration mission.

STAR EXPLORER is a role-play board game for as many as four players. It can even be played solitaire since competition is directed more against the universe as presented in the game than against the other players.
The player who completes his mission quickly and with a string of successful resolutions to encounters will do well.

The game contains:

A 16” x 20” game board (in two pieces) which contains the stellar display, space combat display, and a number of handy reference charts.

A sheet of counters to be cut out that represent crew teams, ships, hazards, and planets.

A ship logsheet, command logsheet, and planetary logsheet, to be photocopied for record keeping.

A 20-page rulebook.

2d6, 1d10, and 1d20.


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Publish Date October 12, 2011
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Why buy this?

  • Can be played solo!
  • Missions are different every time for high replay value!
  • You captain a StarShip into the unknown dangers of space.

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