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Steam Battalions

Customize, Upgrade & Attack in the acclaimed Steampunk Battling Card Game for Everyone




Customize, Upgrade & Attack in the critically-acclaimed Steampunk deck-building card battle game

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In an alternate past, the great wars of the early 20th century are waging high above the clouds and across the mud-filled trenches of Europe. The armies of the World's Superpowers battle for supremacy with elite units forged in brass, iron and steel in a technological arms race powered by diesel and steam. You & your opponent create, customize & command your own elite Steam Battalions of Deck-Dueling Steampunk & Dieselpunk Dirigibles, Airships & Superheroes & send them into battle equipped with powerful Upgrades & Tech in the quest for Victory!


”Sumptuous art, thoroughly immersive, fast paced, exciting highs & lows, dark humor, fun strategy & entertaining re-playability”



Steam Battalions is a fast-paced, 1-vs-1 Customized-Deck Dueling Steampunk Card Battle Game for ages 12 & up that takes approximately 30-45 minutes to play. It features streamlined card combat mechanics with a unique twist on "deck-diving" cards that deepens the strategy in ways unique from other card battle games. In Steam Battalions, you can only receive & play these special deck-diving "Armory" cards after you lose one of your units. This prevents either player from gaining an insurmountable lead during early gameplay & opens up new strategic choices you won't find in other card battle games. Gameplay mechanics are specifically designed to reduce the 'grinding' of most deck-dueling games while increasing the speed, combat, customization, upgrades & strategy - all in a richly illustrated Steampunk & Dieselpunk world. After 2 years & over 150+ hours of beta-testing & development, Steam Battalions has arrived.


”HUGE Shout-Out to Steam Battalions, they have created a great product - It Shines!”

-The BoardRoomBros Podcast


Steam Battalions is a non-collectible, customized deck XCG, or Expandable Card Battle Game featuring stunning Steampunk & Dieselpunk art in which 2 players face-off against each other, each using a customized deck they create from their own Starter Deck at the beginning of the game. Each Starter Deck contains the same specific 68 cards, from which each player customizes their own deck down to 40 cards plus 3 "deck-diving" Armory Cards, as outlined in the Steam Battalions rulebook (free for download at the link below).

* NOTE : Each player requires their own deck to play, so our game is sold as a complete two-player set of two starter decks. For even further customization, experienced players can purchase additional starter decks & may add cards from as many additional starter decks as they wish, subject to the deck customization rules outlined in the Steam Battalions Rulebook (free for download at link below).



Steam Battalions is co-designed by the nephew & uncle team of Sam Owen & Jon Owen. Our thanks to Lorcan Cheng, Tyler Clayton, Milo Brooks, Ben Lee, Nate Lee, Jack Snyder, Kirill Levchenko, Alfred Dumaual & Matt Zimbelmann for beta-testing the game, & to Sadie Lustig & The Brooklyn Strategist for their invaluable input.

Sincerely, Sam & Jon

”This is a GREAT game. The Owens have done a really cool job of building something new here."

-The CultAndClassic Podcast

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Average Rating 4 reviews
Publish Date January 03, 2018
Edition 2nd
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Why buy this?

“If head to head challenges are your thing, then this is definitely for you. The pace is fast, the nuance deep & tactical decisions are a plenty.”

  • Dieselpunk Deck-Dueling Dirigibles, Airships & Superheroes
  • Fast 1 v 1 Steampunk Card Battle Game with stunning art
  • Unique combat & anti-snowballing mechanics & tense gameplay


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.
  • This game does not come in a box.


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