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Steampunk Scopa: A 400 Year-old Game now Steampunk Powered! logo
Steampunk Scopa: A 400 Year-old Game now Steampunk Powered! logo

Steampunk Scopa: A 400 Year-old Game now Steampunk Powered!

Steampunk Scopa is a 400 yr old Italian classic card game with an all new "Steampunk twist!"




Steampunk Scopa is a modernized version of an Italian classic card game that's been played for over four centuries!

If you are a fan of fast-paced card games mixing skill and chance, we know you'll LOVE playing Steampunk Scopa! It's easy to learn and quick to play with several versions to choose from using the same deck. It's based on the classic and highly popular Italian card game, Scopa. Each round places you against your challengers as you try to "sweep away your enemies." Like the original game, Steampunk Scopa builds in challenge the more you play. We've added to this amazing classic by bringing new character cards and expanded versions for exciting play at all levels!

HOW TO PLAY Conventional Steampunk Scopa (quick and easy play)

Each player is dealt three cards from the deck of 53 cards. The dealer turns over the the next 4 cards for all to see and places them on the table. Each player starts by trying to combine number cards OR match any character card in their hand (Kings for Kings, 4s for 4s, Queens for Queens, etc.). As they do, they collect the cards in their own pile for points at the end of the round.

Players continue to try to match and "sweep" and capture number and face cards as each round proceeds until the deck is fully played. But watch out, as "special cards" appear to disrupt battles and shift the game!

There's SO much more!

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Publish Date April 03, 2024
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Why buy this?

  • A "fishing family" game of skill and chance..
  • Special Character cards for increased strategy...
  • Builds in challenge the more you play!


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