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Sultans and Kings: The Card Game

A game of fun, strategy and wit, set in the time of the crusades




It’s the 12th century A.D. You have been called to conquer the castles and free the cities of the Levant. As you march for glory, you meet a formidable enemy who is on the same mission. Mount your horses, draw your swords and grab your arrows. This legendary conflict is going to last for centuries.

Sultans and Kings: The Card Game is a 2-4 player strategy card game for ages 12 and above. It incorporates simple worker placement and hand management mechanisms to achieve victory. By playing soldier and strategy cards onto various cities and castles, represented themselves by cards, each player attempts to win a specific city or castle. When all cards have been played, battles are resolved and players claim victory.


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Publish Date February 26, 2020
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Why buy this?

An involved game of strategy and cunning! All the great battle planning of Stratego but without the tedious setup.

  • easy to learn
  • quick game
  • unique theme


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