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Sunday School Answers (Love Thy Nerd Edition)

The Perfect Game for NERDY Christians!




Established in 2017 by Michael Mordenga, Sunday School Answers is the original Christian knock-off / parody of C.A.H.! After years of self-publishing and original expansions sold in bags, we have redesigned and relaunched our game with some of the best Dilemma and Answer cards we've ever written (as well as some fresh new cards too). Our game is compatible with most versions of this kind of game also!

The Love Thy Nerd Edition is a Core Deck made completely of some of our nerdier expansions! (To be clear, it does NOT include the cards in our original Core Deck - so buying them both won't result in duplicate cards!)

The Box is made up of the following Expansions and Boosters:

  1. The Nerd Deck (Collab with Love Thy Nerd)
  2. The Gamer Deck (Collab with Love Thy Nerd)
  3. The Superhero Deck (Collab with Faith & Fandom)
  4. The Food Deck (Collab with Back Row Morning Show)
  5. The Jabroni Deck (Collab with Two Words Podcast)
  6. The Meme Deck (Collab with Memes James Version)
  7. The 2020 Deck
  8. The Weird News Deck (Collab with Back Row Morning Show)
  9. The Spoiler Deck
  10. The LTNcon 2021 Exclusive Pack (No Longer Available to Buy Individually)
  11. The TV Booster Pack
  12. The Holy Veggies Booster Pack
  13. A few Your Dumb Ideas Cards

Now... yes, we know the price is high. We weren't Kickstarted, and we aren't making this game to earn a profit. We only earn 83 cents per Deckbox sold (the lowest we are able to set it to). Our games exist to help spread humor and community among believers! So, these games are "self-published" and therefore, the cost is higher than in bulk-printing situations. Consider it an investment in your home church and small groups!

If you were to purchase all of these packs individually, it woould cost $128. Purchasing them in this collection costs roughly 35% less!


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Publish Date October 08, 2022
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Why buy this?

  • Contains 13 of our nerdiest expansions!
  • Save 35% (compared to buying these expansions seperately)!
  • A partnership with the awesome folks at!


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