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Sunday School Answers - The Back Row Baptist Deck

A Sunday School Answers expansion from Back Row Baptist!




Established in 2017 by Michael Mordenga, Sunday School Answers is the original Christian knock-off / parody of C.A.H.! After years of self-publishing and original expansions sold in bags, we have redesigned and relaunched our game.

This expansion works with our main Core Deckbox, but it also is compatible with most versions of this kind of game (such as CCL, KAM, and CAH)! This expansion is not big enough to be a standalone game. Check out of core deckbox.

Back Row Games is just one of several projects that all spawned from one original church comedy Twitter account - Back Row Baptist. Though the account no longer exists, the humor it spread into the world lives on in morning shows, Facebook groups, card games, parody songs, videos, and books. Once in the top tier of Twitter Church Anon accounts, we're sharing cards inspired by some of our best tweets.


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Publish Date November 09, 2021
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More Info Sunday School Answers - The Back Row Baptist Deck web site

Why buy this?

  • Potlucks!
  • Works with the SSA Core Game!
  • No dancing!


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