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Swarm!: Anti-Body Assault

A dice-rolling, back-stabbing fight for the galaxy!




Swarm! Anti-Body Assault is a competitive-cooperative science fiction game for two to four players. A breach between dimensions has opened at the edge of the galaxy, and the Anti-Bodies, a race of horrible interdimensional space monsters, are spilling out and threatening to consume everything in their path if left unchecked. That's where you come in! You and a couple friends can take control of one of fifteen giant robots from all across the Milky Way, equip an arsenal of futuristic weaponry, and mow down the horde. And although everyone is working towards the same goal, killing some enemies will bring you more recognition from others when it's time for the Senator to hand out the medals...


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Publish Date April 05, 2014
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Why buy this?

Swarm! is a competitive co-operative game for 2-4 players that uses dice in the most diabolical fashion I have ever seen in a game.

  • Score points while working towards a shared win condition.
  • Combine player-chosen identities with randomized abilities.
  • Slice, blast, and maim nearly 20 unique enemy types.


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