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Tempus 85

Deemed by a member of LATF as Lenormand on steroids, this deck was created by a professional reader.




This mega-deck of 85 cards (plus two more--an additional man and woman) includes breakdowns of the classic Lenormand deck to accommodate dual or triple meanings and introduces new cards to enhance divinatory readings, including specific timeframes.

Just as Briggs and Myers developed their own personality text based on Jung’s original concepts, doubling his original 8 personality types to 16, thereby creating a test celebrated by many today for its layperson-friendly approach, I embarked on my own quest to do the same with Lenormand. I am a professional reader who has encountered many clients who are looking for answers to yes/no questions and seeking timelines and, as such, I was looking to create a deck that would really jumpstart the messages I receive from the light. Not that Lenormand isn’t already blunt. Verbally oriented (versus the visually based Tarot), it offers straightforward messages that are spot on. Yes, I am a reader who likes a “crutch” or a “tool,” as many refer to cards and pendulums, because the cards spark the intuitive downloading process. So I created a deck that would help me give the absolutely best readings I can, while also making sure that those new to Lenormand can interpret spreads without going blind by looking up meanings in a LWB by providing the meanings right on the cards themselves. The majority of cards in this linen-finished deck feature the four seasons on their backs, whereas a handful feature a myriad of clocks—these are specific timing cards, so when you want timing involved in your answer, you must pick a card with the clock-backing to get your timeframe. And if you are a traditionalist who wants to know the original numbers associated with the 36 Majors (original Lenormand cards), reference is made to that on those 36 cards as well (as detailed in the booklet). In summary, this journey has involved expanding the original 36-card deck into a mega-deck that totals 85 cards (87 if you count the additional man and woman cards), offering more than one card for Lenormand cards that have one or more possible meanings as well as adding cards that expand the divinatory playing field to encompass a greater span of inquiries. Tempus 85 is poker-sized, offering the same sized cards as the Retroracle Lenormand. As part of my research into creating the most accessible deck for clear readings, I took at look at Retroracle, Maybe Lenormand, Rana George’s Lenormand, the Lunar Nomad (Lenormand-based) Oracle, and the deck that originally pulled me away from Tarot and deep into the throes of Lenomand love, Ciro Marchetti’s Expanded Gilded Reverie Lenormand.

Please visit the informational website to see 17 sample 3-card yes/no questions answered using Tempus 85, as well as overviews of other expanded Lenormand-based decks such as the Retroracle deck, Maybe Lenormand, Rana George's Lenormand, the Lunar Nomad (Lenormand-based) Oracle, and Ciro Marchetti's Expanded Gilded Reverie Lenormand. To contact the deck's creator,


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Publish Date September 04, 2018
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Department Tarot and Oracles
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Why buy this?

  • This mega-deck of 85 cards includes timing cards.
  • Meanings on cards facilitate learning Lenormand.
  • Additional cards with divinatory depth add breadth.

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  • This game contains a premium upgrade where the printed components will be embossed with a linen texture.


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