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The Animism Tarot - BORDERLESS Edition

A journey into the animal world - without borders!




Welcome to the very special BORDERLESS edition of the Animism Tarot! This special edition has been a huge labour of love and celebrates the 10th anniversary of when this deck first began.

Special features:

  • Each card has been very carefully and lovingly reformatted to fit this special borderless design. Each tarot card now features hand written titles that fit the flow and energy of each card.

  • The name of each animal has also been hand written on the bottom of every card.

  • This deck also features a brand new version of the sun & moon painting on the back to flow with the new borderless theme!

  • A brand new hook box design! This hook box is perfect for quick and frequent access to your deck, and opens up to showcase more beautiful art on the inside.

  • New UV coating! This new addition is now available for all versions of the Animism Tarot.

The Animism Tarot deck is vibrant, charming, and above all, easy to connect with and easy to read. Each card showcases a unique animal, combining its unique strengths with each tarot card. This deck is designed to be read using traditional Rider Waite meanings, while also offering familiar imagery to inspire more intuitive readings.

Blending both tarot and animal symbolism with every card, The Animism Tarot beautifully merges both worlds, bringing a fresh yet familiar take on tarot reading. It offers something for both beginners and seasoned readers alike.

* NEW: The Animism Tarot deck now has a beautifully smooth UV coating, which protects the cards from dirt and moisture! There may be a faint odor from the print process but it will fade after a few days. *

The Animism Tarot is a collection of 79 fully illustrated tarot cards. It includes the traditional 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana, as well as the infamous Happy Squirrel tarot card for a bonus dose of Happy. The original illustrations were painted with acrylics on watercolour paper, giving each image a unique feel and texture.

Included is a free PDF guide to the Animism Tarot world.

The Animism Tarot has taken me on one of the most fantastical journeys over the years leading to its completion. It has been a tremendous learning experience and each card has had something to offer that I will greatly cherish. Painting these images has been a joy and every word of support has been invaluable. If it wasn't for the amazing support and feedback of this deck over the years, it might not have been here today; so a huge thank you to those that have helped me along this journey!

It brings me great joy to finally be able to share this journey with you. Let the animals be your guide!

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Publish Date October 07, 2021
Edition Borderless
Department Tarot and Oracles
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Why buy this?

  • A new beautiful borderles theme with hand written card names
  • Familiar animal symbolism to strengthen intuitive readings
  • 79 tarot card deck including one very Happy Squirrel

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  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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