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The Brambles: A Solo Card Game

Use these tarot-like cards to defeat the dark evils lurking in the brambles!





The Brambles is a solo card game where your goal is to save the children caught by the dark evils of the haunted brambles. To release the children, you must play different card combinations powerful enough to defeat the 20 Bramble Evils, thereby releasing the children. If you fail to defeat the evils before the Collection runs out, the children are lost to the Brambles forever.


In addition to the suited cards, there are special cards within the Collection deck with unique abilities that help you defeat the Bramble Evils, or bring destructive energy to your hand!


The Bramble Evils are a deck of hex cards that are layed out in a formation that emmulates a bramble patch. Each card has a rank that requires a certin strength of card combination to defeat it.

Here is a succinct rules explanation video:


Click here for a great article on Solitaire Times where Athena dives deep into the history of the art in the Brambles: A Pictorial Guide to John Burton's The Brambles

Included in this Game Crafter offering is the new Masques & Monsters expansion that adds more Collection cards and hex cards to increase the complexity of the game.


Also available on Game Crafter is a high-quality neoprene player mat which adds to the spooky ambiance of the game:

The Brambles Neoprene Player Mat


Check out these great videos of the first prototype version of the game for the BGG 2020 Solitaire Print and Play Design Contest:

One Player:

"I love the artwork, I love the theme, it's fantastic. It does feel pretty tense and I like the puzzle element of it. I would definitely recommend."

Solo Adventures

"I love the aesthetic. I love this creepy gothic witchy vibe...This game is really excellent."


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Publish Date January 09, 2021
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Why buy this?

I love the artwork, I love the theme, it's fantastic. It does feel pretty tense and I like the puzzle element of it. I would definitely recommend.

  • Strange and compelling artwork
  • Tense push-your-luck gameplay
  • Engrossing atmospheric theme

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