The Cross Tarot

Polytheistic deck based on Western Druidic lore and wisdom.

The Cross Tarot is truly a compendium of Western Druidic lore and wisdom. This Tarot is an encyclopedic rendering of western occult knowledge rivaling such works as Crowley’s 777. It is a return to the old ways, a guidepost leading the reader into the realms of the old knowledge. It is, in written and picture form, the lore of the story teller and as such the beating heart of the Western Traditions. Owen’s practice weaves over fifty years and as a Tibetan monk can recite volumes of sacred teachings from memory, so also can Owen.
This tarot is about Balance, not judgement of good or evil. Judgement against comes when a situation is out of balance. This tarot can be used to point to an imbalance and bring the state of affairs into equilibrium.
The Cross Tarot is of necessity polytheistic (Aquarian). No single monotheistic (Piscean) good or evil force can provide the dynamism necessary for balance. The entire field of spiritual forces (Gods, Goddesses, Spirits, Forces, et cetera) are necessary to maintain the system of balances.
As shown in the wisdom of this Tarot, Learning and Life are eternal properties of matter.

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Tarot DeckTarot Deck (1 deck of 78 cards)



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Cool Factors

  • Polytheistic
  • Druidic lore
  • About Balance...not Judgement


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Publish DateSeptember 20, 2016
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