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The Decktet

a curious deck in six suits

The Decktet

The Decktet is unlike ordinary poker and tarot decks, meaning that you can do different things with it. It's a deck of cards with suits, ranks, and named images.

This is the complete Decktet. It includes the 36-card basic deck: single-suited Aces, double-suited ranks 2 through 9, and single-suited Crowns. It also includes all the extended deck cards: the Excuse, the triple-suited Pawns, and the Courts.

This deck has the filigree card back.

Rules for Thricewise and Nonesuch are included. Rules for many more games are available on The Decktet Wiki and in The Decktet Book.


"[A] plethora of innovative games that might lead keen card players to abandon the traditional 52-card deck." - Games Magazine

"When you assemble or buy the Decktet, you gain admission to a unique and fascinating game system." - Greg J

"The cards are gorgeous and very flavorful. ... The idea of having cards with multiple suits seems rich with possibilities for invention." - S. Deniz Bucak

"Appears clever, is in fact clever. It is a curiously odd little deck that plays curiously odd little games and there's a lot to like about such a curiously odd and even whimsical little game system." - J C Lawrence





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Average Rating 12 reviews
Publish Date July 22, 2011
Edition B
Department Card Games
Genre Fantasy
Theme Magic
Setting Alternate Present
Audience Casual Gamer
More Info The Decktet web site

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Best Card Game

  • the complete extended Decktet
  • can be used for dozens of different games
  • filigree card back


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