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The Doubloon race

Travel the land of "Waterfire" in the quest to find 6 doubloons to the museum...




Your have received a quest from the king of the kingdom "Waterfire"....

"Find six ancient gold doubloons, return them to our museum and you shall be generously rewarded"

To you help you have transportation as taxis, buses, trains, ships and airplanes... but most important, you have agents.
Agents that will help you to locate the coins...

But hurry up... the other players have received the same quest as you and they also have agents...

The game is played on a map over the kingdom of Waterfire. You move around by using cards.

You start the game with 5 travel cards and one destination card. The travel cards tells you what transportation you can use and the destination card tells you where you have to go. You then plan your trip based on the cards. Once you have played a travel card and moved, you draw a new travel card. From most of the cities you can choose 2-4 different transportation's.
First to deliver 6 doubloons to the museum wins the game so plan your trip well...

2-6 players.

1 Board (18"x18") Map over the kingdom "Waterfire"
1 Deck of travel cards (80 cards)
1 Deck of agent cards (36 cards)
6 Pawns
36 Gold doubloons
1 Document with rules
1 Large pro box top wrap

Very fun and extremely easy to learn . My kids and there friends love this game. I made the game 6 years ago and it has been well used since then. That version was hand drawn on paper and carton board.
My kids were 6 and 8 when I made the game and they still picks this game on family evenings. Even more now when we have a professional version of it.
Iv noticed that one of the things that makes the game so appreciated by kids, is that there are very little waiting time. Your move is made fast and by the time you have figured out where to go next, most of the other players has done there moves. And since all cards have pictures instead of words, even the young kids can play...

You can also play the game in many different ways...
For example: Deal out all the cards and only use 1 agent card (2 agent cards if your more then 2 players)
When played like this you really have to plan your trips very well...
You can download more ways to play the game on this page.

Have fun...


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Publish Date January 07, 2014
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Why buy this?

  • No dize used...
  • Very easy to learn and a very fun family game...
  • Can choose to have a fast game or a longer one...


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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